About Me

     Hello! My name is Tucker Burg and I am a Junior at Washington and Jefferson College. I am studying under the 3-2 Engineering Program with a major in Chemistry to become a Chemical Engineer. Aside from academics, I play baseball for the Presidents as a right handed pitcher, and I have been involved in both the Washington Fellows program as well as the Alpha Lamba Delta honors society.

     When I first approached the idea of taking on a Magellan Project, I contemplated how I could turn my passion for engineering into an independent research project to both better my education as well as indulge myself in an international culture. After weeks of research, I decided studying technology and engineering in Germany was a perfect fit. The nation is a global leader of innovation in today’s international market. This is an impressive feat considering the transition of renovation and rebuilding the country was forced into following the Second World War. My project will encompass traveling to the cities of Monchengladbach, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Aalen, Stuttgart, and Munich to examine how Germany transitioned from a decimated, war-torn country to the leader in technology and innovation it is today. To accomplish this task, I will conduct research at various museums throughout the nation, speak with members of different cities and businesses across the nation, and explore a plethora of historical landmarks which represent the technology and culture of Germany in both the pre-war and post-war eras.

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